Medals and Pins

Canvas Photo showing a children placing a medal on one child, pulled for American Awards of Augusta Maine website.

Explore a wide array of sports and activities represented in our medals and ribbons. Take advantage of quantity discounts for bulk orders. Interested in custom medals? Reach out to us for personalized assistance. Dive into our extensive selection of pins, featuring categories such as sports, academics, service, mascots, and more.

Example of a label pin from Canvas for the American Awards of Augusta Maine website.


There are many different sports and activities available. Quantity discounts! For custom medals, please contact us for more informaiton.

1.75" Medals
2.50" Medals
Image of Stock Medals from American Awards of Augusta, Maine


We have an extremely large assortment of pins: sports, academics, service, mascots, etc.

Assorted Gold Chenille Pins
$ .77
Assorted Colored Pins
$ 2.25 +
Image of assorted Gold Chenille Pins from American Awards of Augusta, Maine.
Image of Custom Medals from American Awards of Augusta, Maine
Image of Custom Pins from American Award of Augusta, Maine

If you are looking for more options, besides what we actually manufacture in-house, please visit one of our supplier links for tons of additional options. Let us know which item numbers you are interested in. American Awards will do the ordering and custom engraving. Please call  (207-622-5067)  or email us at


Thank you for your interest in American Awards. We look forward to hearing from you!

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